Why Become a Freemason?

Considerations You Should Think About Before Becoming A Freemason

Of Conduct
Freemasons are expected to exhibit the utmost tolerance and gentlemanly conduct both in the Masonic Lodge and in their daily lives. In the process of going through the degrees to become a Master Mason, a masonic brother must obligate themselves to a conduct of honorable reflective living, seeking to cultivate an honorable or virtuous character as an individual. Overt honesty, compassion, fortitude, prudence, justice and the pursuit of philosophical truths are the hallmarks of a Freemason. To this end, Freemasons must discipline themselves to inculcate, practice and exemplify these virtues throughout their transactions in life. This discipline is the mark of a Freemason and their dedication to further pursuit of Masonic Light.

Of Beliefs
Freemasonry willing accepts members from almost any religion, including all denominations of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and any other Religion or Belief that promotes the belief in a Creative Ideal to the Universe and Life in general, promotes positive ideals, encourages peace and harmony of Mankind, the belief in a Supreme Being and the immortality of the Soul.

Freemasons must possess a belief (but not necessarily Faith in the vernacular sense) in a Supreme Being. The phrase “Supreme Being” is purposefully used to give a very broad interpretation, usually allowing Deism and even allowing naturalistic views of "God/Nature" in the tradition of Spinoza and Goethe (he himself a Freemason), or non-theistic views of Ultimate Reality or Cosmic Oneness, such as found in some Eastern religions and in Western idealism (such as found in modern cosmology).

Of Politics
As a whole, Freemasons are not bound to any secular particular political ideology. The recruitment of political parties, political ideology or general governmental politicking is prohibited in Lodge. There is not a prohibition on talking about government issues or world issues in a general context as long as it does not lead to a political speech. A Lodge of Masons internally practices Democracy and coming to decisions.

Of Secret Societies

Freemasonry is often called a “secret society”, and in fact is considered by many to be the very prototype for such societies. Many Masons say that it is more accurately described as a “society with secrets” or “private organization”. The degree of privacy and secrecy varies greatly around the world. In English speaking countries, most Freemasons are completely public with their affiliation, Masonic buildings are clearly marked and meeting times are generally a matter of public record. In other countries, where Freemasonry has been more recently, or even currently, suppressed by the government, secrecy may be practiced in earnest.

Membership Requirements To Become a Freemason In Albuquerque #60 Of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons.

  1. You must believe in a Supreme Being.
  2. You must be of good social, moral and ethical character.
  3. Code 303 Applications of NM Grand Lodge By-laws. A petitioner must be at least 18 years of age. Applications for the degrees shall be made by petition in the form prescribed by the Grand Lodge. The petition shall be signed by the applicant and shall be recommended by one (1) member of the Lodge and one (1) member in good standing in any New Mexico Lodge as evidenced by their signatures thereto affixed.
  4. Code 302 Residence of NM Grand Lodge By-laws. A petitioner for the degrees must have been a resident of the State of New Mexico for a period of six (6) consecutive months immediately preceding the date of his petition. This requirement may be waived for active duty military personnel by vote of the Lodge.
  5. Code 301 Disqualifications of NM Grand Lodge By-laws. No Masonic degree shall be conferred upon anyone who is physically unable to conform to the spirit of the ceremonies of the Fraternity, who is unable to speak, read and write the English language, or who has no visible or legitimate means of support for himself and family. Each constituent Lodge shall be the judge of its own material with respect to physical imperfections.

There is an initial cost of $240.00 for the degrees and a background check. The initial cost covers the three degrees (Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason), white leather apron and a copy of the Grand Old Book. There is an annual cost of $140.00 for yearly dues. The yearly dues cover the cost of the Grand Lodge fees and annual operating expense for the Lodge.

How To Join
Step 1
You must first fill out a petition and get it signed as directed on that petition and submit it to Albuquerque Lodge #60.

Step 2
After the petition has been submitted it will be formally received and read at the next regular business meeting and an investigation committee will be assigned. The investigation committee will usually consist of three Masons who will meet with you and discuss your interests in Freemasonry. They will ask questions to get a better feeling of who you are. This should take place in your home. The investigation committee will contact you and will work out the arrangements for the time and place. The committee is not interested in financial statements, your political or religious affiliations, other than to ensure that you believe in a Supreme Being. They will be interested in finding out what it is you know about Freemasonry and what it is you hope to find in Freemasonry.

Step 3
The investigation committee will then make a report to the Lodge that you do or do not meet the requirements to be a Freemason, and whether or not they feel you are looking for something Freemasonry can provide for you. After the report to the Lodge, the Lodge will vote to determine if you will or will not receive the Degrees of Freemasonry with Albuquerque Lodge #60.

How To Obtain A Petition For Albuquerque Lodge #60
Petitions are available at Albuquerque Lodge #60, 6600 Zuni Rd SE, Albq, NM 87108 or download with these online formats:

Petitions to Receive the Degrees of Freemasonry
If you are interested in becoming a Freemason, please complete this petition.

Petition to Affiliate with Albuquerque Lodge #60 AF & AM PDF
Already a Master Mason and looking to affiliate, please use this petition.

*Albuquerque #60 would like to acknowledge that format and content was taken from Wasatch Lodge #1 F&AM Website.


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